Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)

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The Amazfit GTR 2e smartwatch

Elegant design, long battery life of up to 24 days, and plenty of useful features all make the Amazfit GTR 2e smartwatch definitely worth your attention. Improve your fitness with up to 90 sports modes and take care of your health with heart rate, stress or sleep monitoring. The large AMOLED touch screen makes using the device easy. Additional product features include 5 ATM water resistance and a built-in offline voice assistant.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Improved design

The smartwatch draws attention with its thoughtfully enhanced design. The bezel-less 1.39″ AMOLED HD display provides a premium aesthetic experience and an expanded field of view. The 2.5D curved glass blends perfectly with the device’s aluminum alloy body. A special coating makes it resistant to scratches and other damages. The surprises don’t end there! The GTR 2e is available for purchase in 3 colors – Grey, Black, and Green. Choose the perfect one for you!

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Customize the display to your needs and tastes

Your smartwatch can look exactly the way you want it to. In the app, you will find over 50 available display designs to choose from. Some of them also allow you to edit widgets, so you can gain faster access to the most important information. You can also upload your own photo and save it as your screen background. The display can also be always-on, making it easy for you to quickly check the time. Over 40 display designs are provided for this feature – you’re sure to find one you like!

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Keep your finger on the pulse

With Amazfit you will also take care of your health. Thanks to the built-in optical sensor, the smartwatch can measure your heart rate 24 hours a day and immediately notify you of any irregularities. The device also measures your blood oxygen level. It also calculates the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) value, which will give you an accurate idea of your current physical state. Want more? Take advantage of the stress monitoring function! With the GTR 2e, you will immediately know your stress level – relaxed, normal, medium, or high.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


With Amazfit you can finally sleep

Can’t remember the last time you managed to get a decent night’s sleep? Now that can change! The GTR 2e smartwatch supports sleep monitoring – it recognizes your sleep phases and checks the quality of your breathing while you sleep. Based on the information gathered, it creates easy-to-understand reports and provides useful tips to help you get more sleep. The device can even monitor short 20-minute naps throughout the day! Improve the quality of your sleep and thus your comfort in life.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Your new way to get in great shape

Like playing sports? Do you want to try your hand at a sport? The Amazfit GTR 2e smartwatch will make it easy for you! With 90 sports modes to help you track your progress and plan your workouts, you’re sure to find the right one for you. What’s more, for 6 of them, such as running or cycling, the device intelligently recognizes the sport and activates the corresponding function – no need to do it manually anymore! The smartwatch is also waterproof to a depth of 50m – so you can swim with it on your wrist without worrying.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Even longer runtime

Now you can rest assured that your smartwatch won’t let you down when you least expect it. The Amazfit GTR 2e is a successful combination of thin design, more advanced circuitry, and a durable battery with a capacity of as much as 471mAh. All this makes the device last up to 24 days on a single charge under normal use. In basic mode it lasts up to 45 days! You no longer need to worry that it will unexpectedly refuse to work.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Intelligent assistant – even easier to use

Did you know that it only takes a few words to activate selected smartwatch functions? The GTR 2e offers an intelligent offline voice assistant that you can use even without internet access. The built-in microphone means that you only have to speak the right command to, for example, activate a specific sports mode or activate heart rate monitoring. You don’t have to search for the function you need every time – it’s so convenient!

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Convenient access to key information

Enjoy even faster access to your favorite features. The Amazfit GTR 2e smartwatch supports special shortcut cards. Just swipe to the right to, for example, check information about upcoming events, learn the weather forecast, or see what apps are running in the background. Want more? Swipe left to open a customizable quick access menu. Place shortcuts to the functions you use most and enjoy an even more convenient smartwatch experience!

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Created to meet the diverse needs of users

Customize the GTR 2e to suit your needs. Its display swivels 180° – both right- and left-handed users can use it comfortably. Thanks to its advanced linear motor, the smartwatch also offers enhanced haptic vibrations that can be adjusted in duration. It is also possible to lock the device with a password – this way you will make it difficult for unwanted people to access your data. The smartwatch can even lock itself automatically when it detects that it has been removed from your wrist.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Many useful features for you

Take advantage of the array of smartwatch features available and make your life easier. When paired with your smartphone, the GTR 2e will instantly notify you of incoming messages and phone calls. It also allows you to set alarm clocks and reminders. Stopwatch, temperature measurement and Do Not Disturb functions are also available. Moreover, if you sit in one position for too long, the smartwatch will remind you to move. You can also use it to conveniently check the weather forecast.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)


Even more possibilities with the Zepp app

Now you can learn even more about your body and understand how it works. The GTR 2e smartwatch is compatible with the Zepp app, so it can provide you with many complex analyses and reports based on your measurements. With their help you can accurately track your progress, check how to take care of your health and fitness, set the next goals to achieve and immediately learn about any disturbing changes that would be worth paying attention to and reacting to.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartwatch Amazfit GTR 2e (Matcha Green)



  • Smartwatch with standard strap
  • Charging base
  • User manual




Brand Amazfit
Model GTR 2e
Color Matcha Green
Dimensions Φ46.5×10,8mm (without heart rate lens) / Φ46.5×12.3mm (including heart rate lens)
Weight 32g (without strap) / 48g (with strap)
Water resistance 5 ATM
Display AMOLED
Diagonal 1,39″
Resolution 454×454 HD
PPI 462
Display Material Tempered Glass 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass + AF
Strap Silicon
Strap length 120mm (long) + 87mm (short)
Strap width 22mm
Flash 256MB Nand flash
Microphone Yes
Speaker No
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity 471mAh (typical value), 460mAh (minimum value)
Charging method Magnetic charging base, 2-pin, Pogo Pin
Charging time About 2.5 hours
Operating time under normal use Up to 24 days
Operating time with heavy use Up to 12 days
Operating time in basic mode Up to 45 days
Continuous usage time with GPS module enabled Up to 48 hours
Motor Linear
Material Aluminum alloy + PA plastic
Application Zepp
Supported systems Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and above



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