Smartmi evaporative humidifier – Preorder

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Smartmi evaporative humidifier – Preorder

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Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier

The Smartmi steam humidifier allows you to maintain an appropriate level of humidity in each room. Designed to humidify the air as naturally as possible, evenly and for a long time. Evaporation consists of sucking in dry air, its flow through the device, and then returning it to the environment humidified and clean from larger pollutants. This is the most effective way of humidifying, which in combination with the design of the device gives amazing results.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder

Modern engine

Using a modern motor with 36 rotating blades, the device mimics the natural evaporation of water, creating an ultra-thin layer of evaporating water of 2m², so that the release of moisture can reach up to 240 ml per hour. The 85 mm cross-flow fan in the upper part allows fast and even air flow, which enters the motor, causing even more efficient work, giving maximum comfort.
MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder

Rapid replenishment

The device was designed to make it easier to use. There is no need to switch off the humidifier to top up the water, the air outlet also serves as a place to top up water during operation. The capacity sensor detects the amount of liquid in the tank and displays its level with green lights.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder

Extremely quiet and energy-efficient

The activated humidifier emits only 34.4 dB of sound, which allows for almost silent use even at night, thanks to the brushless high-performance motor. Low power consumption with a maximum consumption of 8W, which enables continuous, stable operation throughout the day.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder


Clean work

During the humidification process, water evaporates without any mist and special systems prevent contamination caused by lime, magnesium or bacteria. Thanks to its clean operation, the device is ideally suited to work in rooms where there are small children, elderly people or allergy sufferers. Additionally, the settling steam does not leave any traces, even white deposits on furniture or the floor. Almost all elements of the humidifier are suitable for cleaning.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder


Occupational safety

The design of the humidifier has been carefully considered in terms of safety. The device was divided in half to separate the water tank from the electrical parts to completely eliminate the possibility of flooding. After disconnecting the upper part, the device will automatically switch off.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder


Large tank

The water tank can hold up to 4 liters of water, which allows for uninterrupted operation throughout the day or night, without the need for refilling. In addition, the modern system prevents the multiplication of bacteria by drying the tank when the water runs out.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder


Remote control

The humidifier can be used without any problems, even without being at home. Just use the dedicated Mi Home application, which allows you to run or set the level of humidity. The air in the house can be constantly humidified.

MEZAMO.CZ - Smartmi evaporative humidifier - Preorder





ModelPure Evaporative 4L
Manufacturer codeCJXJSQ02ZM
Humidification efficiency260 ml/h
Capacity of water tank4 L
Power consumption8 W
Weight5,17 kg
Size240 x 240 x 363 mm

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