QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)

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QCY T10 wireless headphones – enjoy the perfect sound

QCY T10 wireless headphones will delight you with their excellent sound quality and comfort. Working time of up to 21 hours and light weight of 3.7g will make using them as pleasant as you can dream of, and intuitive touch panel guarantees extremely simple operation. That is not all! Thanks to the IPX5 water resistance, you can use the T10 almost anywhere you want, and with the help of QCY application you can adjust it even better.


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Discover your favorite songs anew

QCY T10 is equipped with double, balanced armature drivers, which ensure perfect sound quality. They also enable a perfect balance between high and low tones. Any audio distortion is also minimized. All this makes it possible for you to rediscover your favorite tracks and enjoy their exceptional sound – the T10 will uniquely emphasize their beauty and surround you with sound.


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Talk freely on the phone

The T10 will also work well during a phone call. They are equipped with 4 microphones, which thanks to the use of digital sound processing provide crystal clear sound. They also amplify your voice to make sure that the person you are calling can hear you perfectly. Headphones effectively reduce background noise, making it comfortable to talk on the phone in almost any situation – at home, in the office or even on the street.


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Listen to hundreds of songs

After one charge the headphones can work for up to 3.5 hours. The included charging case extends this time to 21 hours! This is enough to listen to about 315 songs or watch 10 movies. What’s more, it only takes 10 minutes to charge the headphones enough to use them for another hour. Thanks to fast charging, you will never worry again that the battery will suddenly fail you!


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Just tap it with your finger

Operation of the headphones is fabulously simple. It is possible thanks to a comfortable and sensitive touch panel. It allows you to quickly and comfortably pause/resume playback, increase/decrease volume, skip songs, answer/ignore/end a phone call, and even use an intelligent voice assistant. A gentle tap is all it takes to enjoy the extraordinary capabilities of the T10!


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Check what the QCY application offers

The QCY application offers even more possibilities. With its help you can easily adapt the T10 to your needs and expectations. You can, for example, freely change the language, settings and button operation, and use the device localization function. Download the app to your Android or iOS phone and enjoy additional functionality!


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



You can connect them in no time at all

Connecting the T10 to the phone does not cause even the slightest problems. Simply open the cover of the charging case and start the QCY application on your smartphone. A special window will appear on the display, allowing you to make a quick and easy connection. What’s more, both headphones connect directly to the selected device. So you can freely switch between mono and stereo mode.


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Your music always with you

The IPX5 water resistance makes it possible for you to use the headphones in almost any situation. Take the T10 for a walk or a workout and enjoy your favorite songs regardless of the conditions. These durable devices won’t be harmed by sweat or a bit of rain – you can successfully use them wherever and whenever you want.


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Designed especially for you

The headphones delight with their unique style. Their design perfectly combines simplicity with elegance and functionality. Each device weighs only 3.7g – you will not even feel that you are wearing it. T10 are also extremely ergonomic – they lie perfectly in your ears, do not fall out and guarantee extraordinary comfort. In the set you will find 3 sizes of eartips, thanks to which you can adjust the headphones to your needs even better and ensure comfort.


MEZAMO.CZ - QCY T10 TWS Earphones Bluetooth V5.0 (white)



Brand QCY
Name QCY T10 Dual Armature Driver TWS Earbuds
Model T10
Bluetooth version 5.0
Available system iOS, Android
Operation range 10m
Battery life 3h of calling; 3,5h of playback
Bluetooth profiles HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP
Battery capacity (case) 600mAh
Top-ups by case 5 (for both earbuds)
Charging port Type-C


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