BlitzWolf BW-VS2 portable projection screen 80 ”

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Portable projector screen


The portable screen design allows you to watch HD movies wherever you want. The BW-VS2 is also ideal for business meetings or lectures to display for instance, presentations. The screen is easy to store so it’s perfect for travelling. Clear and vivid colors provide excellent visual effects. In addition, the set includes hooks and double-sided tape for mounting.


MEZAMO.CZ - BlitzWolf BW-VS2 portable projection screen 80 ''



 High quality material


The high quality PVC material is easy to store. You can roll it, wash it, and iron it without worry. What’s more, comparing to other screens, this model provides HD quality video display. In addition, the material is thicker so it does not show through. Moreover, the material does not wrinkle and perfectly displays the image at up to 160° angle.

MEZAMO.CZ - BlitzWolf BW-VS2 portable projection screen 80 ''





Brand Blitzwolf
Model BW-VS2-80”
Material PVC
Viewing angle 160°
Throw ratio 16:9


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